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BEECH CLASS 2017-2018


Welcome to our class page! Please keep checking up on this page as we will be putting lots of photographs and showing you what we have been learning in Beech Class! 



I am so proud of all the children in Beech Class and how well they have settled into Beech Class and our school.  The children are already showing our school values of Friendship, Kindness, Teamwork and Respect! The children are a credit to you all! - Miss Yates

Beech Class has the X Factor


We have loved the stage in Maple Class, we have been taking turns with the microphones and guitars and showing respect by listening to our friends sing or watching them dance to the music! We have given lots of praise to our friends at the end of their performances! 






Father Christmas!


Yesterday we had our Christmas party in Beech class, we played lots of games such as pass the parcel and musical bumps.  We all joined in and had a really good time.  We went to the hall for some party food and we were super surprised.... Because Father Christmas came to visit EVERYONE! We sang some songs and two children from Beech class were lucky enough to go up to Father Christmas and receive  a bag full of presents for all of the children in Beech Class! It was so EXCITING!! We hope you all have a magical Christmas! 




A King is Born! 


Well done to all of the children who worked hard learning their words at home with their grown ups, to the children who sang their hearts out and those children who had an acting role. 













This week in Science we have been investigating what will hold Olaf and his friends together the best.  We had three ingredients to choose from, chocolate spread, icing sugar and hot chocolate.  The children all had a turn at predicting and talking about why they thought a certain ingredient would work the best..  Harley said "The hot chocolate will work the best because its thick"  and Lacey said "The chocolate spread would work the best because its really sticky." 

We then carried out our investigation and found that the icing sugar and chocolate spread held the snowmen together the best! 




We found some frozen teddy bears!! 


We have been super science investigators this week! We discovered that the teddy bears were frozen, we made predictions about what would melt the ice the quickest, oil, salt, sugar, chocolate sauce. 

We found out that the salt melted the ice the quickest! 




Spring Board 


Wow! Coach George and Matt were super impressed with Beech Class today! The children used the PE equipment safely and we were able to run onto the spring boards count out five jumps and then jump off the spring board and land with two feet! Beech Class you are AMAZING! 




Wrapping presents 


This week in Beech Class we have been challenged to wrap a present for Ted.  Miss Yates has left rolls of wrapping paper, tape, scissors and lots of different shaped toys! We are having so much fun wrapping the presents up to give to Ted! 



"I Do" 


This week we have been looking at the celebration of a wedding.  We looked at Miss Yates' wedding invitations and then wrote our own invites to Mrs Mellor inviting her to our wedding on Friday.  Throughout the week we were lucky enough to look at a real wedding dress and photos of Mrs O'Grady's wedding.  We also made wedding favours to enjoy after the wedding.  On Friday the children in reception took part in our pretend wedding, we had a vicar, bridesmaids and a best man. 








In PE we have been putting our throwing skills into action and have learnt how to play dodgeball.  We worked hard as a team, negotiated space and threw the ball to get the other team out! 



Scrap Play 


Thank- You to all the grown ups who have donated scrap they no longer need. We have had so much fun playing with it already! We have made bridges to walk over, ramps for the cars and houses for Tinkerbell and her friends! 



Clever fingers! 


Each week in Beech Class we set children different challenges to build up strength in their arms and hands.  This week the children had to use their pincers and picked out the cous cous.  The children have really enjoyed this challenge.  They have been so engrossed some children have spent a good ten minutes picking the cous cous from the large plate and putting it into their own dish! 



PE Session 


Wow, the children amazed me today with their throwing and catching skills! Most of the children in Beech Class were able to throw a bean bag into a target ring! They were also to show teamwork when working in partners to throw and catch the beanbags! 



Water Play 


This week we have been in the water and scooping the plastic balls out with the nets. The children had a challenge to tell their friend what initial sound they had got. The children have really enjoyed this activity so much so Miss Yates decided to trick them and add some CVC words and tricky words such as "go" and "pen" into the water. 




Well Done Beech Class you are becoming super at recognising and saying initial sounds!




In Beech Class we have been matching Number to quantity this week we have been choosing a cake case saying the number and then adding that many Pom poms to the cake cases! Well Done everybody that's had a go this week! 



Stay and play 


Our stay and plays have been such a success! The children in Beech Class had such a good time showing all the grown ups what we do in class.  We really enjoyed showing you all our learning that has taken place already! Thank you so much to all the grown ups who came too- it really means a lot to the children. 





we have been travelling along the apparatus confidently in our PE sessions.  Here are a few pictures to show you how confident we are becoming





Kippers Cake


We brought the story "Kipper's Cake" to life.  we followed Kipper's own recipe and instructions to make his cake.  Our ingredients included jam, butter, cornflakes, sugar, tomato sauce, baked beans and milk and then we mixed it altogether!   It wasn't very tasty!






We made some porridge for the Three Bears! 


In Beech Class we made some porridge for the Three Bears. It smelt delicious and made us feel hungry so we all had a little try. The children described to porridge as "yummy" and "creamy" 



Our Healthy Walk 


Beech Class are really enjoying our new whole school initiative! We are walking around our school grounds everyday some of us are beginning to run around our school grounds and are able to beat Miss Yates! 





We have been bakers in Beech Class we made some tasty cakes! The children were superstars listening to simple instructions and following a simple recipe to bake some cakes.  The best part was watching them bake in the oven Leon and Jordan told me "The cake smell delicious," we took them home to eat... I hope the grown ups at home didn't eat them Beech Class! 




Beech Class 2016-2017



Every week we have a woodland session where we explore and adventure.  During this session we were given swatches and had to find natural objects that matched that colour.










We are learning to write our names in Letter-Join handwriting.  We traced over the letters to make our writing disappear.







We have been building dens during outdoor learning.  We made houses with straw, sticks and bricks after reading the story of 'The Three Little Pigs.'  Making dens needs lots of

co-operation and teamwork. 








We did lots of work about the brain this week.


We played Memory Games (Kim's Game).  Miss Esscopri covered up the objects and took one thing away each time and the children have to try and remember which one it is.



We drew around our bodies, and made some labels.  We learnt where our brain is.




We even looked at a sheep's brain.  It was very interesting to look at but lots of us thought it was 'DISGUSTING!'





We baked some delicious Fairy Cakes and Raspberry Buns to sell at our Macmillan Coffee Morning. 








We have been digging in our allotment.  First we had to get the weeds out, then we turned the soil over and then we planted cabbages!  We can't wait till they grow and we can eat them!








We have been working hard during outdoor learning.  We have to solve problems and think hard about how to make things work.  We have been measuring, timing and counting using the water and pipes.









We painted each hand a different colour and then rubbed them together to make a new colour! 






We had lots of fun experimenting and blowing bubbles in the paint to create an interesting bubble effect.






We lined up smartly to choose what we would like for dinner.  This is our Welfare Assistant Mrs McNally.



We can choose extra salad and fruit.  We always remember to use our manners.




We are trying really hard to use our cutlery properly.











'Five Little Ducks went swimming one day...'



Looking after our pet cat in the home corner



Making a shopping list



Being the teacher



Solving problems and working together in the water



Having a 'brew'



Working hard to complete a puzzle



Learning about animals we keep as pets



Creating masterpieces



Building sandcastles









In case you wanted to watch some of the songs from our Assembly again...

Counting By Tens Song Video

A song from our Assembly

Farmer Pete song with animation by Sunshine Class (pupils aged 5 years)

A song from our Assembly

Math song

A song from our Assembly



John Kirk, an actor and story-teller came into school to share an exciting assembly.  We helped him to tell the stories of the Gingerbread Man, Rapunzel and the Three Billy Goats Gruff.  He was very funny!