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12th February 2021

Good afternoon Parents and Carers


No-one has wanted the last 6 weeks but you have all survived… well done. Your best is good enough.  


I just want to say how amazed I am by everyone’s hard work.

  • The children at home who don’t understand why they can’t come into school yet are still doing lots of learning at home.
  • The children in school missing so many of their friends
  • The families trying their best to home-school (many with children of different ages!!!) – I don’t know how you do it.
  • The staff in school trying to be in 3 places all at the same time!


Well done everyone.


Is school re-opening to all pupils on 8th March?


I’ve been asked this question a number of times this week but I’m afraid the answer is that I simply don’t know yet. The data is still varied in different parts of the country but we still don’t know whether regional or national decisions will be made. It is also unclear whether the government will instruct a ‘whole-school’ return or whether it will be staggered by year groups. What I will say is that we will be ready to go when we do get the go ahead.


Break from school work during half term


Please do let the children have some time away from learning and school work during this half term as it is important they don’t overload and run out of steam. I have heard from many parents the motivation over the last week or so has not been the same as the first few weeks of remote learning. Motivating the children at this time, both in school but especially at home is going to continue to be challenging for some and a week’s break is really important – for all you home-schooling parents/carers too!


Stay safe,

Mr Waddington


Acting Headteacher