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18th December 2020


Dear Parents and Carers,


I hope my final newsletter of the 2020 finds you and your family well and excited for Christmas and the New Year.


It has certainly not been an easy term but I hope you agree that despite all the chaos, your child has remained safe and made progress in their learning this term.


Thank you



On reflection of this year we as a school owe a huge thanks to you, considerably more than ever.


We recognise, that by sending your children to our school, you are putting great trust in us, both to care for and to educate them. This year, this couldn’t be more true.  So thank you for continuing to trust us through this stressful time, particularly when there must have been times of real worry for you, as there has been for all of us.


  • Thank you for all your support in returning the children to school in September
  • Thank you for your patience in sharing information often at the very last minute
  • Thank you for those who served in frontline roles while entrusting your children into our care
  • Thank you for making arrangements to keep you children at home, often with little warning
  • Thank you for your understanding with the changes to traditional events in school such as parents evening and the school nativity


To those who were confused by too much communication, or disappointed with the decisions I took, I apologise. As always with schools, sometimes we get things wrong. I recognise that on some occasions, I had to make decisions with urgency. It is only after reflection, that I realised I needed to rethink my judgement. Hopefully, the changes improved things for you and your children.


Christmas COVID Questions and Answers


School will be contactable via text so we can assist with contact tracing if necessary. This will allow all positive Covid-19 cases to be identified and for relevant contacts in school to be traced and informed to self-isolate.


What do I do if my child develops one of the three main symptoms BEFORE 1:15pm on Sunday the 20th December and goes on to test positive?


Please send school a text message (which will be checked twice daily until 24th December) and we will inform those children in that bubble to self-isolate for 10 days as the individual may have been infectious whilst in school.


What do I do if my child develops one of the three main symptoms AFTER 1:15pm on Sunday the 20th December and tests positive?


Please do not contact school. You should follow contact tracing instructions provided by the NHS.





From Mr Waddington and Everyone at Meadowhead Infants