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27th November 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,


I hope everyone is well.


It has been brilliant to have every class in school this week and long may it continue.

When a bubble is sent home to self-isolate, school does not ‘feel’ like its normal self.


Parental Survey Results


Thank you to all the parents who took the time to answer the questionnaire I sent out. The results are very pleasing and thank you for your suggestions on what we can do better.





The most pleasing being



However much we try, we will never be 100% perfect and we will make mistakes. If you have a concern, a problem or an issue you want to raise please come and talk to either your child’s teacher or myself and we will do our best to solve it.





Attendance at school is a vital element to your child’s success, both in school and in their future life. Please continue to make every effort for your child to be in school every day as being in school (and engaging with remote learning when necessary) makes a big difference to your child’s life chances.


If there is anything we can do to support your child’s attendance, please contact school and ask to speak to our Pupil Well-being co-coordinator Jodie Murphy.







I know I mention it a lot but I am really impressed with the number of children reading at home every night. Please keep it up as it is having a big impact on children catching up on lost learning.


Christmas Nativity


Many things are very different this year but we just have to make the best of a bad situation and try not to let it damper our spirits. As you’ve probably guessed, we are unable to showcase our usual Christmas production this year which is a huge disappointment for everyone. However, as a school we have discussed ways in which we can still make this happen, just in an alternative way. It has been arranged that:


  • EYFS and Year 1 children will act out a traditional version of the Christmas Story by sharing the story between the four classes


  • Year 2 will perform the poem ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas


Both performances, as well as some Christmas songs will be shared on our Facebook page and school website. We will send out the link to the school website via text message for all parents to watch and enjoy.


Christmas Dinner and Christmas Jumper day will both be on Tuesday the 15th December.




From January 2021, we have a limited number of places available at our Nursery. If your child turns three before 31st December 2020 they will be able to join us. If you are interested, please contact school.


After Christmas we will be offering our 15 hour nursery children (those who currently attend mornings only) the option to stay for the full day. There will be a small charge of £10 a day for this service to enable us to provide the correct staffing ratio and would ask that parents provide a packed lunch for their child.

If you would be interested in this, please make contact with the office to find out more information as places will be limited.


Staff Christmas Presents


I know a lot of parents like to buy their child’s class teacher a present at Christmas and as always we are very grateful for this gesture. However, with this year being very different, staff and I have agreed that instead of buying a personal gift, we would welcome a gift of food that we can donate to the local Food Bank. We recognise that times are very difficult for lots of our families in our community and would be proud to support such a worthy cause.


If you would like to ‘gift’ an item of food, we ask that it is brought into school week beginning the 7th December. Thank you.



Stay safe,


James Waddington

Acting Headteacher