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5th January 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,


Thank you for your understanding late last night when I had to inform everyone school would be closed to all pupils. It is a decision no Headteacher wants to make but given the incredible late notice I felt I had no alternative to ensure everyone remains safe. I will be forever grateful we had an INSET day yesterday and no children were at school.


Today my staff have worked flat out to enable us to open to the vulnerable and key worker children who we have been in contact with from tomorrow onwards. If you are a key worker and you have not yet informed school please contact me via e-mail. Please only apply for a place if there is nobody at home of a suitable age that can look after the children.


The vast majority of our children will now receive their education remotely. All children have made amazing progress (especially in their phonics and reading) since they returned to school last September and we obviously don’t want this to stop. Please engage with your child’s teacher to ensure they continue to make progress and reach their potential. I know it will not be easy but if there is anything stopping your child from engaging with remote learning and making progress please let us know so we can help the best we can. 


This week all remote learning will be through activities sent through Class Dojo.


Later this week all children will receive a paper based learning pack containing all the worksheets needed to complete the learning set via Class Dojo next week plus additional resources. For example your child may watch a video explaining a concept or skill in maths and then there is a worksheet to complete after it. A new learning pack will be delivered towards the end of every week in order to help with the following weeks lessons.  


Later this week your child’s teacher will invite them to join a zoom meeting. Also starting next week your child will be invited to two daily zoom meetings with your class teacher - one in the morning and another in the afternoon. It will allow the teacher to explain what is happening, for all children to see their friends and keep in contact with each other as best they can in these difficult times.


If you need help accessing the internet please let me know.


If you need to contact me please email me at


Stay safe

Mr Waddington