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6th January 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,


School has opened today for all vulnerable children and children of critical workers. If you believe you are a critical worker, please let me know.


Your child must access remote learning - it is not a choice and school will be asked by the Department of Education for our attendance figures in the usual way. It will be marked as an unauthorised absence if no contact is made. Logging on to Class Dojo and joining the zoom meetings is counted as attending school. Teachers have worked incredibly hard to provide online learning so that children can continue their education. The Government has stated that there must be 3 hours of remote learning happening every day for Primary school children.


For help accessing zoom please click on the links below.


We will do our best to schedule the zoom meetings so they don’t clash if you have two children at school but this will sadly not always be possible. Please be understanding with this.


I understand logging online is not easy for everyone. We have been allocated 0 laptops from the Department for Education and this clearly does not help. However, we do have a few limited laptops we will be able to loan out at the beginning of next week. If you are really struggling, please let me know and I will see what we can do to help. These will be allocated initially for children in Year 2 and then year 1.


If you have a device, such as a tablet, but you do not have internet access, please let me know so I can send out a SIM card with data allowance. If you are using your mobile data on one of the following networks:-

  • Three
  • Smarty
  • Virgin Mobile
  • EE
  • Tesco Mobile
  • Sky Mobile

and need extra data, again, please let me know and I should be able to increase your data allowance.


Ready for next week’s learning, all children who are accessing remote learning at home will receive a paper based learning pack either tomorrow or Friday. The pack with contain all the worksheets needed to complete the activities set by the teacher via Class Dojo and they will be placed safely within a cardboard folder. These packs will be hand delivered to your door by a member of staff.


What will the online learning look like?


Each afternoon your child’s class teacher will upload an overview on Class Dojo outlining the lessons that will be taught the following day. This is to provide a snapshot of the learning taking place. Our aim is to offer the following:

  • A twice daily zoom meeting to enable all children and teacher to come together to complete a register and welcome
  • Daily English lesson followed by an activity
  • Daily maths lesson followed by an activity
  • Daily phonics session
  • Daily wider curriculum lesson followed by an activity


The lesson videos that will be uploaded will provide a step by step guide to help your child learn a new skill and complete the activity. A new learning pack will be delivered towards the end of each week ready for the lessons for the following week. From next week when the learning pack is delivered, please give the staff member the cardboard folder from the previous week, so this can be reused.


We are all embarking on a new journey, so please bear with us and be understanding if changes are made. We will no doubt encounter teething problems, so please keep talking to us, ask questions, and tell what works and what doesn't. This is brand new for us as well and we are all learning together. 


Lastly, if your child is eligible for benefits-related free school meals you should get a food pack delivered to your house either tomorrow afternoon or Friday. We do not yet know if the government will operate a voucher scheme like last time but we are hopeful. Please be aware, these food parcels are only for families who receive the necessary benefits entitling them to free school meals. It is completely different to the Universal Free School Meal system.


If you need to contact school, you can either


Stay Safe,


Mr Waddington