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 Here are a few ideas to help you become safer online at home...

 Set some boundaries

 It's never too early to to do things like set time limits for the amount of time they can spend on the  computer.

 Set up passwords

 Keep devices like your mobile phone out of reach and make sure you have passwords/PINs set up on  them for the times you might lend them to your child ... or for when they simply get hold of them  themselves.

 Check the age ratings

 Check the age ratings or descriptions on apps, games, online TV and films before streaming or  downloading them and allowing your son or daughter to play with or watch them.

 Set the homepage

 Set the homepage on your family computer or tablet to an appropriate website like Cbeebies.  For older  children create a separate user account with appropriate settings and make the most of Parental  Controls and tools like Google SafeSearch.

 Explain your rules

 Explain your technology rules to grandparents, babysitters and the parents of your child's friends so t  that they stick to them when they're looking after your child.   Bear in mind what older siblings might be  showing them on the internet, mobiles, games consoles and other devices.  Set and agree rules as a  whole family.


Do you know age restrictions on social media?