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Art and Design


Here at Meadowhead Infant School and Nursery, we believe a high-quality art and design education engages, inspires and challenges pupils. It equips children with the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create their own works of art, craft and design, as well as develop a flair for creativity.  We want to provide our children with positive experiences of art and design to inspire and nurture their talents.  We encompass cultural capital so that our children are ready to succeed in life with the skills and knowledge we have given them.  Children are given as many real life experiences as possible and we use the local community and area to assist in this. 


We start every Art and Design lesson with a question from a previous Art and Design lesson, it maybe a question about a skill they have learnt, or it a question about an artist.  We aim to develop children’s language and vocabulary by teaching new vocabulary in each lesson.  New vocabulary, knowledge and skills and names of artists (Knowledge Organiser) is also sent home to inform parents of what is being taught in Art and Design.  Children are exposed to new materials such as pastels, watercolours, clay, charcoal etc.  We strive to give children first hand experiences where possible, so this maybe a visit to the local art gallery/museum, a walk in the community to look at art or to have an artist in residence to complete a piece of work with children.  Art and Design also happens outside in our Forest school area.


Through studying Art and Design at Meadowhead Infant School and Nursery, we strive to give our children the knowledge and skills for our children to become artists and develop a love of the subject.  By the end of Year 2 our children have to skills and knowledge to continue their learning of Art and Design in further year groups.