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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.




Senior Leadership Team

Mr. J. Waddington (Acting Headteacher)

Miss S. Allen (Acting Deputy Headteacher)

Mrs. J. Strahan (SENDCo)

Miss N. Clarkson (Key Stage 1 lead)


Teaching Staff

Mrs. J. Strahan

Miss G. McHale

Mrs. S. Farrer

Miss R. McGrath

Miss R. Rudge

Miss E. Worcester

Miss N. Clarkson

Miss T. Lau


Teaching Assistants

Miss S. Morris

Mrs. N. Wiggans

Mrs. J. Marshall

Miss M. Rimmer

Mrs. P. Noonan

Mrs. G. O’Grady

Mrs. M. Calvert

Mrs. J. McNally

Mrs. G. Gill

Miss S. Critchley

Mrs. S. Nelson

Mrs. G. Entwistle


School Office

Mrs. A. Sabat(Office Manager)

Miss L. Connolly


Pupil Well Being Coordinator

Mrs. K. Crossley



Welfare Team

Mrs. G. Gill

Miss D. Kirby

Miss S. Critchley

Mrs. S. Hudghton

Mrs. J. McNally

Mrs. G. Entwistle

Miss E. Clinton

Miss H. Thompson


Premises Team

Mr. N. Stonham (Site Manager)

Miss D. Kirby

Mrs. S. Hudgton