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WILLOW 2017-2018

Dinosaur Painting


Our Topic is 'Dinosaurs'. We started the half term with a dinosaur hunt after a dinosaur left muddy foot prints in our nursery. We followed the trail to find some frozen dinosaur eggs and a box. Inside the box was a letter from the dinosaurs, some dinosaur toys for us to play with and a set of 'Harry and the Bucket Full Of Dinosaurs' books.

You can see in the photos how everybody has begun to learn to create a paint wash to make a background; a blue sky and some green grass. After this had dried everybody chose a dinosaur to paint. The children began by painting a body shape and adding a neck and head, legs and a tail. Everybody's pictures have been put up on the wall in nursery, they look great. 

Post 12 - March.                                        SNOW


What better way to find out what happens in very cold weather than by going and experiencing it for ourselves. Most of the children only stayed out for a short time. They could tell for themselves when they needed to go back inside to warm up.

The children learned all about changes that happen over time by playing in the snow. For some of the children this was the most snow they have ever seen. How Exciting. 

Post 11 - February                         Learning About Birds


The nursery children asked to learn more about birds. In a special bird week the children took part in a bird watch, counting the number of birds they saw. They decided to make bird food. Some children threaded cheeios onto pipecleaners and some children rolled bird seed in lard. They all went on a walk around school to hang the food out for the birds in the cold weather. We hope you like the bird shapes we made out of playdough.

All these activities help us to gain better control of our hands and fingers. 

Post 10 - January                                Toy Town


Our Class topic is all about toys. The children brought in their favourite toy to nursery and talked to their friends about their toy and played together. Everybody drew a picture of their toy; learning how to hold a pencil with a tripod grip and create lines, circles and shapes in the process. Everybody has also had the chance to work at the easel to paint a picture of their toy.

Post 9 - January.                    Colour Mixing


As part of our outdoor play we worked on a large scale, using the paint rollers to mix colours. We learned how to pull and push the rollers and used our shoulders, arms and hands to create a giant piece of art work. We learned what happened when the two colours mixed together. 

Post 8 - January.               Making Chocolate Crispy Cakes


We are all so happy to return to nursery after a lovely Christmas break. We started the year welcoming some new friends to our morning and afternoon nursery classes. 

This week everybody took part in a science experiment to find out what happens to chocolate when it is heated up. And of course once we did this we had to use it to make chocolate crispy cakes. We had a great time talking about our ideas and then looking at how the chocolate changed. The actions of breaking chocolate into pieces, stirring the mixture and spooning the rice crispies in, all help us to improve our ability to use our hands and arms. It also helps us to improve our hand to eye co-ordination. The rice crispy cakes were delicious. 

Post 7 - December.                Songs around the Christmas tree.


We were very proud to sing and dance and perform in front of our parents for our Christmas show. The afternoon children had another special guest who came to see them.

Post 6 - December.                     Christmas parties.


All children enjoyed a lovely Christmas Party in Nursery. We played pass the parcel and other traditional party games before sitting down for a party tea.

Post 5 - November .                         Bonfire Night


Look at the amazing fireworks pictures that we have made. We practised our scissor skills, our hand to eye co-ordination skills and had a great time printing and adding sparkle to create a firework printed picture.

Post 4 - October.                      Our Faces.


We are all important members of nursery and everybody worked hard to create a picture of themselves. First the children looked in the mirror and talked about their facial features before drawing themselves. You can help at home by singing head, shoulders, knees and toes to help your child learn the names of the different parts of the body and name their facial features. 

Picture 1

Post 3 - October                           Owl Babies Display.


Everybody helped to create the art work for the Owl Babies display that has been put up in the hall. The children used painting, printing, cutting and gluing skills to make the tree and the three owl babies. The children have been listening to the story in nursery and learning to join in with the repeated phrases.  

Post 2 - October.                           Pumpkins.


We have been looking closely at a pumkin this week. The children looked at the pumpkin before it was cut up. Some of us were very surprised by what we found inside. Then everybody had a turn to scoop out the seeds, they were very slippery and we practised counting some of them. Mrs Marshall made a face in the pumpkin when we had finished. (Everybody has a turn at all activities in nursery, the children who didn't have a go today will have a go next time). 

Post 1 - September.                 Outdoor Play.


We played together outside. Everybody worked hard to try and throw the ball in the crates. Some of us were able to throw the ball in when we stood further back.

Willow Class AM and PM 2017-2018

A big welcome to all the new children in Willow class!! All the children have all settled really well into nursery life and have made new friends. Look on here for weekly updates and photographs to show all of the learning and fun we have in Willow!